Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy birthday to me

yes! finally yours truly turned 26th! Alhamdulillah. *weeee*

i considered myself lucky for having a great family, wonderful best friends, extraordinary boyfriend and super-crazy-fun colleagues! Alhamdulillah am surrounded with loads of love and i don't think i can get it elsewhere but from them. :)

so this year, we had an early birthday dinner with family at Jake's!

present from lovely siblings

present from A

on my birthday, B organised a surprise birthday dinner for me! all of my best friends and colleagues were there! am sooo touched! there's this one loooooooong table which seats about 25 people against the restaurant's feature wall. super! ok, basically it's no longer a surprise as we accidentally bumped into Yeen and Jazly then Qiddin in the mall. so i told them that i didn't see them. hehehe! poor B. all his plans suddenly went wrong. it's ok. i admire your effore B! :)

oh btw, we were at Pressroom, BSC! you guys should try to eat there! i love love the food! and it's not that expensive. good food, variety of choices, cozy atmosphere. do check out their website. they have an online menu! sooo convenient! i appreciate restaurants that has their menu in their website and i believe all restaurants should have it as well!

i had their pizza, Pizza De Manzo (Strips of tenderloin, Mushrooms and Creme Fraiche). SUPERB! ok, i have this obsession over pizza. almost all the time, if pizzas are in the menu, i would choose them over anything. especially if it's an italian restaurant. i suppose i have some italian blood running through my veins. well, think that's the reason why my body is as it is. hahaha!

with him

present from B
Miu Miu

Thomas Sabo

my birthday cake
nutty chocolate meringue

love both mommies

with my soulmates; missing 1 though

some of the important people in my life

yours truly with her beautiful peonies :)

am a happy girl.
Syukur Alhamdulillah. Amin

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