Monday, December 20, 2010

tribute to DAK

it's been awhile i haven't been blogging. was too busy to settle a lot of things. just to let you know that my dad, Daud Abu Kassim has passed away last 12th December 2010. it was sudden death, probably heart attack. happened between 3 - 4 am. he was not well since he came back from Bandung for cycling event. had diarrhea and then feverish. my sister insist to bring him to the hospital but he refused. told her to bring him to the clinic and maybe later to the hospital if he's still not well. this happened on Saturday, the day before he died. he was telling my mom that his bp was good and the doctor gave him some medicines.

early morning about 2-ish, he woke my mom up and said that he's a bit cold and request for hot tea. he was shivering and my mom turn off the air-cond. he complains that he's having a headache and my mom massaged his head. he said that he feels like vomiting and my mom brought him to the toilet but nothing come out. they went for the second time and later to bed. he said that he wants to lie down. his head was off from his pillow and my mom straight-away move his pillow under his head. after that, my mom said that there's no movement or any reaction from him. one of his eye was shut and another is half-closed. she closed his eye and there was still no reaction. she told to him to 'mengucap' and then she recite some 'doa'.

then the ambulance came. they brought him to the emergency ward and he was with the doctor for 15 mins or so. then the doctor said that he was gone and he tried everything to bring him back to life.

i didn't shed any tears until i was talking to one of his friend to announce his death. it then hit me, am saying it out loud that he's no longer alive. it was such a unexplainable feelings, going through my head. i think i was a sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed & shocked.

i then text everyone we know from his phone about his death, especially his friends. we then decided to let the hospital to 'mandi' and 'kapan' his body. then brought the body to his parent's house in Kg Baru. by then, his siblings have managed to secure a spot in Kubur Jln Ampang. it was such a beautiful day and syukur Alhamdulillah a lot of people came to pay their respect to him. am sooo touched to see his families and friends we're there, waiting for him, to see him.

finally, i heard a loud honk from a superbike. straight-away i know that he has arrived. i believe everyone was as nervous as i am. everyone was quiet. few guys helped to carry his body into the house. everyone is trying to see what's happening and was waiting to see him. i was waiting to see him. to see his face. to see if it's true, if it's really him. as soon as they've remove the cover, all i see was his beautiful face. again, tears come streaming down my face. non-stop. i was sobbing. everyone around me repetitively told me to 'sabar'. only Allah SWT knows how i felt at that time.

we then straight ahead to recite 'yassin'. i sat the closest to him, left side of his head. i felt like i want to touch him. stroke him. tell him to wake up. tell him this is not a joke. Astaghfirullah Al-Azim. my mom sat beside me, nana a bit further than mom. my sister, awin couldn't be there to witness all this. the earliest flight to reached KL is only on Wednesday. i know it's killing her not to be there. somehow i don't think i would know the feeling she felt at that point. i can't never felt the same way.

we then brought the body to Masjid Kg Baru for 'solat Zuhur' and then 'solat jenazah'. once it's done, we head to the grave. by the time i reach there, they were bringing his body down into the grave. i was relieved that they managed to get a spot nearby his parents' and sister's grave. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

once 'talkin' was over, my mom, nana and myself went over to his grave, pour 'air yassin' and 'air mawar'. we passed it over to his siblings, family members and some of his friends. it was such a serene afternoon. Syukur Alhamdulillah everything went well. all of us felt relieved.

here are 2 online tributes to Arwah. :)

Joe Marcose
Rizal Hashim

i would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. you know who you are.

today is the 7th day since he died.
we love you papa.

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  1. your long lost friendFebruary 7, 2011 at 2:45 PM

    Al-fatihah buat allahyarham...semoga roh nya dicucuri rahmat